Pit Bull steering stabilizer

zoran zv30 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 3 16:32:53 PDT 2007

yes,I like those.
not sure why they list that way but call them up and ask.
Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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Subject: Pit Bull steering stabilizer

>I am thinking of buying one for my 01 SV650S. Zoran, if I recall you
> said you liked this one.
> http://www.pit-bull.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=25_214&products_id=137&osCsid=bb3cbb2d0d9e4ecaa2a9545e9e8df060
> 1) Their fitment guide says 99-02 SV650 (stock bars removed) and 03-07
> SV650S. Do people write these just to cause confusion? Why doesn't it
> say 99-02 SV650S? I take it that they just mean stock bars if you
> *don't* have an "S", but I wanted to make sure. This will fit my bike
> right?
> It says you just have to drill holes in the top triple clamp. Let me
> know if there's more to it than that.
> 2) Anybody have one for sale for cheaper? I can probably get a good
> discount at a local race shop but figured I'd try here first.
> Thanks,
> Erik

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