How badly did I screw up? (engine mount bolt)

John spam at
Wed Jul 4 21:42:56 PDT 2007

While installing frame sliders on my '99 SV, I was a little uncertain
which engine bolts got replaced by the sliders. I started messing around
with the biggest bolt on the frame, the one in the crook of the V. I used
an impact wrench and felt the bolt spinning around but not coming out
(d'oh!). Then the impact socket was stuck on the end of the bolt, so I
just stepped away.  :)

This is the bolt labeled 13 on page 3-13 of the factory service manual.

On the fiche below, it seems that it would screw into numbers 8 and 9.

So how badly did I screw up? Can I just order a new bolt, plus #s 8 & 9,
or did part of that bolt screw into the engine, and I need a helicoil?

Thanks for the advice.

'99 SV650
'98 VFR800

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