fell down go boom - need parts and advice

Architeuthis dux rg-sv650 at v0.net
Mon Jul 9 19:25:25 PDT 2007

I crashed my 2003 SV650 at Thunderhill on Saturday in T2.

Lost the back end.  Bike didn't have the decency to merely slide, 
decided it wanted to hop around a bit as well.  Impact to front left 
upper, tank, rear left upper.



The really obvious things I need:
gas tank
fork upper tube(s?)
Armour Bodies tail
LP screen
Vortex fairing stay
1 rearstand spool + hardware
1 Woodcraft clipon bar
1 Woodcraft peg + hardware

Attempt repair:
Armour Bodies upper
Rear subframe
Penske shock (Zoran, can I send this to you?)

If anyone can hook me up with any new or lightly used items from my 
above shopping list cheaply, I'd be very appreciative.

If one fork inner tube is bent, should I just assume the other is as 
well?  Is there other probable damage, and I should just go find a 
GSXR750 front end now?

After I take off all the obviously damaged stuff, what else should I do 
to check things?  I assume I should plan on making a trip to find out if 
the frame is bent?

Also, any theories on what happened to my rear shock?  I had possibly 
stressed the hydraulic line a bit when installing it and maneuvering the 
reservoir around, but not really all that much.  I'm not sure if it blew 
off during the crash, or caused the crash by splooging oil on my rear 
tire while I was leaned over.  I suspect the former, but it clearly blew 
onto a spinning chain because the chain is soaked and it pulled enough 
up onto the front sprocket that it got blown out the gap in front of the 
plastic cover onto the left side engine cover.  Sudden impact on the 
rear wheel when the bike launched itself made it blow?  (There's a bunch 
of weeds n stuff between the tire and the rear wheel.. I'm running a DOT 
rear at 22psi as per Michelin's recommendation.)  There's zero damage or 
dirt in the area where the line attaches, so its not like anything 
impacted inside there.

My novice race season is not quite panning out the way I hoped.  :-/

Cringing in anticipation of painful advice... :-)


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