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Tue Jul 10 07:42:58 PDT 2007

To get it right you need to remap the fuel curve a teka will do ok but there
are spots on the fuel curve that the teka can't get to. We us Rapid bike or
Power commander. You're in Oregon. I'm not sure who has a Factory pro Dyno
up there but I would find me and take it there. 

KC Gager
BRG Racing Products
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flatslides :)
you have to remap it,teka,pc or whatever available.
Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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> Mr. V, do you have any tips for curing the on-off throttle abruptness for
> the EFI in my 06 DL650. A fellow on the SV/DL list suggested finding 
> someone
> with access to a TEKA SFI unit. Are you familiar with this?
> don mcgovern
> Portland Orygun

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