fell down go boom - need parts and advice

KC Gager kc at brgracing.com
Tue Jul 10 07:59:54 PDT 2007

Sound like you are in the Northern Ca. If so Call Jerry @ GP Frame
1-707-815-0216 and have the frame looked at. If it is bent putting it all
back together and riding a bent bike is really not the why to do it. If you
need help after the bike is back together give me a call and I can help you
get your suspension close to the right settings for you, 

KC Gager
BRG Racing Products
"We Have Sickness For Quickness"
KC at brgracing.com

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your forks are junk,most like triples also.
yes on shock,easy fix.send it to me.
I may have all woodcraft stuff.
email me at zv30 at sbcglobal.net 
Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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>I crashed my 2003 SV650 at Thunderhill on Saturday in T2.
> Lost the back end.  Bike didn't have the decency to merely slide, 
> decided it wanted to hop around a bit as well.  Impact to front left 
> upper, tank, rear left upper.
> Pictures:
> http://argh.smugmug.com/gallery/3123666/1/171095688#171095688
> The really obvious things I need:
> gas tank
> fork upper tube(s?)
> Armour Bodies tail
> LP screen
> Vortex fairing stay
> 1 rearstand spool + hardware
> 1 Woodcraft clipon bar
> 1 Woodcraft peg + hardware
> Attempt repair:
> Armour Bodies upper
> Rear subframe
> Penske shock (Zoran, can I send this to you?)
> If anyone can hook me up with any new or lightly used items from my 
> above shopping list cheaply, I'd be very appreciative.
> If one fork inner tube is bent, should I just assume the other is as 
> well?  Is there other probable damage, and I should just go find a 
> GSXR750 front end now?
> After I take off all the obviously damaged stuff, what else should I do 
> to check things?  I assume I should plan on making a trip to find out if 
> the frame is bent?
> Also, any theories on what happened to my rear shock?  I had possibly 
> stressed the hydraulic line a bit when installing it and maneuvering the 
> reservoir around, but not really all that much.  I'm not sure if it blew 
> off during the crash, or caused the crash by splooging oil on my rear 
> tire while I was leaned over.  I suspect the former, but it clearly blew 
> onto a spinning chain because the chain is soaked and it pulled enough 
> up onto the front sprocket that it got blown out the gap in front of the 
> plastic cover onto the left side engine cover.  Sudden impact on the 
> rear wheel when the bike launched itself made it blow?  (There's a bunch 
> of weeds n stuff between the tire and the rear wheel.. I'm running a DOT 
> rear at 22psi as per Michelin's recommendation.)  There's zero damage or 
> dirt in the area where the line attaches, so its not like anything 
> impacted inside there.
> My novice race season is not quite panning out the way I hoped.  :-/
> Cringing in anticipation of painful advice... :-)
> -rg

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