Sharkskinz on first gen

Erik Weber yoober at
Wed Jul 11 08:18:08 PDT 2007

Thanks very much fellows.

I am churning away at making my own bellypan out of fiberglass. I'm
just worried that it could cause me to miss my chance to race by not
getting it done in time, so I want to have a back up plan. But these
back up plans are too expensive. :)

So far I have the shape just about right made out of metal and it is
bolting on to existing mounting points. Next it needs a smooth surface
to put the fiberglass on. I'm going to try body filler for that.
Someone else suggested drywall mud. Then that will get sanded smooth
and covered with wax or release agent so hopefully my fiberglass skin
will pop off it. Fiberglass will get laid on according to some advice
I got from a boat builder who seems to think the whole project is

The hard part is figuring out how low to bring it so that when the
suspension is fully compressed and the bike is all the way leaned over
it is just about to scrape. I need to figure out some way to tie the
front end down or something to simulate the forks being fully
compressed. In the back, it looks like it just needs to be as close to
the exhaust as possible and I suppose I'll need to wrap the exhaust.


On 7/11/07, Patrick Mullen <pmullen.lists at> wrote:
> The bracket kit is the bent aluminum tabs that you use to attach the
> bodywork to the frame.  Some don't like their mechanism (it involves
> drilling small holes into the frame, and some would rather bend their
> own aluminum than pay another $100.  But the kit comes with the
> aluminum pre-bent and already fitted with threads.  It is certainly
> expensive for what you get, but it's convenient.
> As Zoran said, get the GP Tech bracket.  It's quality materials and
> the replaceable ears are excellent.  That you can remove them makes
> them easier to bend back into place, which you can do a number of
> times before having to buy new ones ($20/pair).
> Oh, and yeah -- You also need to get fasteners to attach the
> lowers to the uppers.  I'm a big fan of the D-ring fasteners because
> I hate having to get a screwdriver to remove the lowers.
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