FS: My 2000 SV650 - (Seattle)

Greg Maust gmaust at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 15:03:45 PDT 2007

I should have thought of mentioning my bike for sale here sooner.  I'm
moving from Seattle to Virginia, so rather than facing transport costs &
logistics I'm just selling the bike and buying another like it after I
move.  It's been very well maintained, following the factory service
manual.  I did one novice racer's clinic weekend at the track in the rain,
so it is drilled for safety wire.  Never crashed, but it has tipped over
twice - once at ~5 mph and once stopped by the previous owner.  Rundown:

2000 SV650 naked
Red (the brighter, pretty red)
~18,700 miles
Mostly stock (no engine or exhaust mods at all)
Brand new ME-Z6 on the rear, front has at least a few thousand left
Stainless Steel front brake lines
Frame sliders
Tip of the rear brake pedal is broken off (tipped at all of 5 mph and it
just snapped right off >:|  ), and paint is scuffed on the tail, with some
small scratches on the tank.
$3,600 OBO

Negotiable stuff - SM1 handlebars (comfy Bikemasters on the bike right now),
aftermarket windscreen, LP swingarm stand, CRG bar-end mirrors

Check out lots of pics here

And email me off list or call 610 836 1998 with any interest or questions.

Gregory Maust

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