Slid everything but my knee slider!

David and Sumudini Guyer guyer.hq at
Tue Jul 31 23:13:01 PDT 2007


So last week at Pacific Raceways (Seattle 100) I'm coming out of T4 on my
very stock '02 SV650S.  I'm hanging off (to some unknown extent as this is
what I was working on that day) and it happens.


I hit hard parts on the left side, the bike picks up, goes into a
tank-slapper, and somehow I manage to hold on, save it, and keep going.
Turns out I managed to scrape my Motosliders frame slider, gear shifter,
footpeg, and the passenger peg mount.  Ground off 1/4" of the leading edge
of the foot peg too (feelers had already been removed).


Yet, somehow, I didn't touch the knee down at all.  Not exactly sure how
that happened since I think the knee is below the slider and sticks out
more.  any thoughts?



Also, is there a good source of a replacement shifter?


Is this non-Suzuki replacement OK?


Fun times! :-)


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