Brake Upgrades

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It's nothing special, but I am running, what I feel is a great set up for modulation as well as increased power.  I run a RC51 SP2 master cylinder, with Speigler stainless lines, Carbon Loraine race pads, Pazzo shorty lever and Castrol Synthetic brake fluid (found at Autozone etc...) all on stock calipers and rotors.

I've run this on plenty and found that it's way better than the stock set-up.  I was worried that with the master made for much larger pistons that I would loose braking power.  But now I get much better "sweep" of the brake lever, which equates to feel.  My trail braking is much improved over the stock master due to this.

Just my findings... plus you can find the masters online at a decent price used.  Plus the master comes with a bracket for the resivior.  For the street (if you have a naked, you loose the mirror mount) but I don't care about that.


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Any recommendations for types/brands? "Good" can sometimes be quite biased



> good master cylinder and pads solve this problem.

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