Brake Upgrades

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Fri Nov 2 17:36:15 PDT 2007

Will the stock brakes get you stopped? Sure. Then riddle me this: Why
do none of the people in the top ten run stock brakes? I mean, they
don't need anymore stopping power, right?

It's about more than just sheer stopping power. It's about
consistency, longevity, initial bite, etc. Oh yeah, and overall
stopping power.

Stock brakes on an SV worked fine for a while. GSXR brakes worked
better. Adding Vesrah pads gave me more initial bite and then the
added bonus: The pads lasted. And lasted. And lasted. I did an entire
race seasons on one set of RJLs. And track days, too.

I was pretty good on the brakes on my SV. I wasn't fishing my rear in
the air, that's overbraking. I had more braking power than I needed
and that meant I could be a lot more relaxed on the brakes. I remember
one race in particular at Buttonwillow where I was destoying people
braking into turn one. Lap after lap, I outbraked and passed people.
Again, I wasn't fishing my rear in the air or anything, but I was
passing some fast people.

Did I use all the braking power I had? No. Did I like having it? Yes.
You can put in a strong showing with a stock engine, but those
flatslides make things do those cams...and those pistons.
It's not really that different.

Would you rather wring the piss out of something or have something in
reserve to achieve the same (or better) effect?

On 11/2/07, Ahmed Jehanzeb <jehanzeb at> wrote:
> Agreed. The Buttonwillow track day I did, proved the stock brakes are plenty
> to get the SV stopped.
> My Vesrah brake pads have over 8, 000 miles (90% street, 10% track).
> Using stock rotors, calipers and MC (with 35, 000 miles), the only issue is
> the vague feeling when the tires are not warm.
> Cheap fix: Thoroughly wash your rotors and brake pads with residue free
> soap/detergent to avoid feel-robbing brake dust, etc.
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> On Nov 2, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Randy Grein wrote:
> > The GSXR brakes Zoran had on our 24 hour bike were way too much for
> > me at the time, being used to squeezing the sh*t out of older gen
> > brakes, where brake power was determined primarily by the size of
> > your right forearm. Now that I'm used to well setup stock brakes
> > (light 2 finger pull) I didn't have much trouble transitioning to a
> > similar setup on my racebike. No trouble, as in trail braking in
> > the worst rain I've ever seen.
> Perhaps I'm just used to pulling hard ;-)  At buttonwillow I was
> outbraking pretty much everyone I went deep on the brakes with,
> fishing my rear around in the air in every hard braking zone, and
> never once had reason to doubt the brakes were going to stop me.   My
> problem was learning to just let the brakes off and roll a bit faster
> through the corner.
> FYI: funny thing is those are Galfer pads I put on the bike mid-last
> summer, and they still grip like you wouldn't believe.
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