Brake Upgrades

Randy Grein randygrein at
Fri Nov 2 18:17:37 PDT 2007

Maybe it's the difference in tracks or something, but I've done fine  
in Washington with bone stock brakes - IIRC I was using the stock  
pads when I took the #4 plate in 2000. Pacific and Spokane place a  
premium on trail braking, maybe that's the difference. I'm certainly  
not noted for braking hard, just deep That may be why a set of pads  
generally lasts me 2 seasons. Of course, I'm one of the few up here  
who uses his rear brake, which usually wears out faster than the  
front. Took a few seasons to figure it out, but again it's very  
useful for trail braking and in the rain.

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Nov 2, 2007, at 5:36 PM, vik anderson wrote:

> Will the stock brakes get you stopped? Sure. Then riddle me this: Why
> do none of the people in the top ten run stock brakes? I mean, they
> don't need anymore stopping power, right?
> It's about more than just sheer stopping power. It's about
> consistency, longevity, initial bite, etc. Oh yeah, and overall
> stopping power.
> Stock brakes on an SV worked fine for a while. GSXR brakes worked
> better. Adding Vesrah pads gave me more initial bite and then the
> added bonus: The pads lasted. And lasted. And lasted. I did an entire
> race seasons on one set of RJLs. And track days, too.
> I was pretty good on the brakes on my SV. I wasn't fishing my rear in
> the air, that's overbraking. I had more braking power than I needed
> and that meant I could be a lot more relaxed on the brakes. I remember
> one race in particular at Buttonwillow where I was destoying people
> braking into turn one. Lap after lap, I outbraked and passed people.
> Again, I wasn't fishing my rear in the air or anything, but I was
> passing some fast people.
> Did I use all the braking power I had? No. Did I like having it? Yes.
> You can put in a strong showing with a stock engine, but those
> flatslides make things do those cams...and those pistons.
> It's not really that different.
> Would you rather wring the piss out of something or have something in
> reserve to achieve the same (or better) effect?
> On 11/2/07, Ahmed Jehanzeb <jehanzeb at> wrote:
>> Agreed. The Buttonwillow track day I did, proved the stock brakes  
>> are plenty
>> to get the SV stopped.
>> My Vesrah brake pads have over 8, 000 miles (90% street, 10% track).
>> Using stock rotors, calipers and MC (with 35, 000 miles), the only  
>> issue is
>> the vague feeling when the tires are not warm.
>> Cheap fix: Thoroughly wash your rotors and brake pads with residue  
>> free
>> soap/detergent to avoid feel-robbing brake dust, etc.
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>> On Nov 2, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Randy Grein wrote:
>>> The GSXR brakes Zoran had on our 24 hour bike were way too much for
>>> me at the time, being used to squeezing the sh*t out of older gen
>>> brakes, where brake power was determined primarily by the size of
>>> your right forearm. Now that I'm used to well setup stock brakes
>>> (light 2 finger pull) I didn't have much trouble transitioning to a
>>> similar setup on my racebike. No trouble, as in trail braking in
>>> the worst rain I've ever seen.
>> Perhaps I'm just used to pulling hard ;-)  At buttonwillow I was
>> outbraking pretty much everyone I went deep on the brakes with,
>> fishing my rear around in the air in every hard braking zone, and
>> never once had reason to doubt the brakes were going to stop me.   My
>> problem was learning to just let the brakes off and roll a bit faster
>> through the corner.
>> FYI: funny thing is those are Galfer pads I put on the bike mid-last
>> summer, and they still grip like you wouldn't believe.
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