Brake Upgrades

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So, others have described a lot of what I mean.  It's less about power for
me right now than feel, i.e. modulation.

I'm not fast, and I'm developing my skills.  

I noticed last year that the transition from hard braking and easing off was
difficult because I didn't have a lot of feel.  It was easy for me to let
off a bit and have the braking reduce quite a bit, giving the bike a
"lurching" feel. This is very uncomfortable when tipping over.

My hope is that a better system will enable me to feel a bit better, brake
harder more confidently, and ease off more smoothly so I can carry more
speed in the corners.

Of course, I could be wrong, it's happened before :-)

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I'm curious as to what fault you find with the stock brakes...?   
Seriously not contending, I'm actually quite curious because I am one  
of the rare people that loves the feel of the stock brakes.

On Oct 31, 2007, at 8:03 PM, David and Sumudini Guyer wrote:
> I have the '02 SV650S.  I think I'd like to find out some ideas of  
> how to
> upgrade the front brakes so that I get more feel and control, and  
> perhaps
> power.
> I've started to get to the point that I realize the transition from  
> strong
> braking to trail or no brakes as you tip over into a turn is fairly  
> critical
> and important to your cornering speed.  Feel of the brakes goes a  
> long way
> to keeping you from just unloading the brake giving you that "going  
> away"
> feeling.
> So, other than stainless steel brake lines, which I have already,  
> are there
> ways to upgrade the feel and/or power of the brakes... would a new  
> lever do
> it, or a new "radial" master cylinder... could I get and bolt on  
> GSXR600
> calipers...  how do you guys do it, if at all???
> Thanks in advance :-)

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