Brake Upgrades

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Sat Nov 3 11:51:18 PDT 2007

vik anderson wrote:
> Will the stock brakes get you stopped? Sure. Then riddle me this: Why
> do none of the people in the top ten run stock brakes? I mean, they
> don't need anymore stopping power, right?

They all have GSXR front ends, and the stock brakes won't fit ;-)

> It's about more than just sheer stopping power. It's about
> consistency, longevity, initial bite, etc. Oh yeah, and overall
> stopping power.
> Stock brakes on an SV worked fine for a while. GSXR brakes worked
> better. Adding Vesrah pads gave me more initial bite and then the
> added bonus: The pads lasted. And lasted. And lasted. I did an entire
> race seasons on one set of RJLs. And track days, too.

I'd like to qualify that I was asking about Zoran's initial comment that 
made it sound like there was a known problem, not questioning the idea 
in general.

That said, most of the comments were I agree with -- only having changed 
the pads to Galfer myself.  More than a season on a single pair, etc ;-)
Consistency and longevity are pads, not MC, right?

> I was pretty good on the brakes on my SV. I wasn't fishing my rear in
> the air, that's overbraking.

Yes, I know that.  I just meant that the brakes weren't lacking, it was 
a skill issue on my part ;-)

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