brake piston removal

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Mon Nov 5 16:56:33 PST 2007

The last interval was about a year ago. The interval before that was about 2.5 years. The kicker was that i used the same bottle of fluid. I thought brake fluid was a "stable" liquid. Meaning, if there's some in the bottle go for it. From what i know now, once you open the bottle, it starts absorbing moisture. Live and learn.

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Dave, there could be some serious corrosion not only in the caliper 
assemblies but in the MC so look closely. Sounds like there's been a
 lot of 
moisture accumulating in your brake fluid. In the future you want to
the brake systems every couple years, more often if you live in a humid
damp climate.

From: "David kerr"

so you'd be the half glass empty guy? Seriously though. Are you talking
about corrosion in the chambers themselves or elsewhere or both? If so,
assume the evidence will be rust or something else obvious.

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