brake piston removal

Jim Stewart js at
Mon Nov 5 17:09:37 PST 2007

David kerr wrote:
> The last interval was about a year ago. The interval before that was about
> 2.5 years. The kicker was that i used the same bottle of fluid. I thought
> brake fluid was a "stable" liquid. Meaning, if there's some in the bottle go
> for it. From what i know now, once you open the bottle, it starts absorbing
> moisture. Live and learn.

Something more than moisture absorption from the atmosphere is going on here, 
David. That's not long enough to develop this kind of problem.

Many cars are on the road today whose brake fluid has never been changed. It'll 
look dirty and eventually these cars will develop leaks in the wheel cylinders, 
but the fluid will still be normal thickness...




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