Tuning Carbs

Jim Stewart js at strappe.com
Mon Nov 5 20:13:36 PST 2007

Joanna Moss wrote:
> Good thoughts, but I am already there. Both throttle cables seem fine. 
> Turning the bars does not affect the idle. The stop screw just touches 
> the stop without pushing on it. I really think it is a tuning issue.

OK, next step is to synchronize the carbs. A tip: the front manifold's vacuum 
nipple has a plastic cap. It's difficult to get to.

When you take the carbs off to drill out the pilot screw anti-tamper covers, 
adjust the pilot screws and adjust the shims on the needles, permanently connect 
a piece of plastic tubing to the front vacuum nipple and bring it out to the 
left side of the engine where you can get to it next time. Plug it with a 6mm 
bolt when you're not using it to balance carbs.

Balancing: carb stix work very well.



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