GSXR swinger on '03 SV

tlc at tlc at
Thu Nov 8 10:02:20 PST 2007

I recently purchased a 2003 SV650; it came with an entire 2003 GSXR front
end, and what I believe to be an entire 2004 GSXR 600/750 rear end. 

I've done some research on these mods, and it appears that a GSXR front
end is fairly common. But I have found little to no information on
installing a GSXR swingarm on this bike. 

I was wondering if anyone has any insight to the GSXR swingarm mod, as I'm
becoming a bit skeptical the more I inspect the bike. First off, there
appears to be a clearance issue between the rear header and swingarm. And
I have further concerns about sprocket alignment, shock linkage, etc... 
And apparently the GSXR shock does not fit either, so the SV shock had to
be used. 

The bike did come with the entire stock SV rear end, so if the GSXR 
swingarm mod turns out to be a bust, I do have a fallback.

Thanks for any info.

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