GSXR swinger on '03 SV

tlc at tlc at
Thu Nov 8 12:26:37 PST 2007

Barring any expertise from left field then, I'll probably be going back to
the stock SV swingarm, etc. I'd imagine the following questions have been
asked ad nausem, but: 

1) Can a GSXR shock be run on the SV? Is that worthwhile?
2) Can a GSXR wheel be run? 


Randy Grein wrote:
> Never heard of using a GSXR swingarm on an SV, but from other  
> swingarm projects I have seen the problems you cite are reasonable.  
> In general it requires some welding on the frame and/or swingarm and  
> completely re-engineering the shock system. Question is why? That is,  
> why go to the effort to re-engineer the system and modify so many  
> components to fit?

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