hollow rear axle for SV650 (was: GSXR swinger on '03 SV)

John spam at onlineconcepts.com
Thu Nov 8 12:44:15 PST 2007

Referring to a GSXR swingarm, Zoran wrote:
> I have seen one on first gen.I believe some company in England makes them.
> never understud why.:)

I'm not worried about any performance gain related to a Gixxer swingarm, 
but it would be nice to have a hollow rear axle. A friend used these 
transport stands for a Gixxer and an R1, and they looked really stable.

Strapless Transport Systems

How hard is it to convert a '99 SV650 to a hollow rear axle?

'99 SV650
'98 VFR800

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