Rear stand caution

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick III celticracing at
Wed Nov 14 14:39:00 PST 2007

 If you use a front stand, as opposed to the recommended wheel chock, you
MUST get the rear end up first.  Otherwise, when you lift the front end, the
bike will flop over.  This might not be as much the case if you have (I
don't) a front end lift that goes under the front forks (mine goes into the
steering stem), but even then, I wouldn't do it.

On the subject of front wheel chocks, they are getting cheaper.  Even Harbor
Freight has introduced a ride in front wheel chock for bikes (that mounts to
the trailer floor/not stand alone, although I'm sure some plywood or tubing
could be affixed to remedy that) that is currently on sale, I think, for
39.98.  If it is any good, that is a great deal.


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