Heavy clutch

Greg McCullough greg at developingmedia.com
Wed Nov 14 17:38:08 PST 2007

The clutch on the race bike has been getting continually heavier through the
year.  At this point it's pretty much the heaviest clutch I've felt on an



-          Lever/perch moves freely

-          The cable is the new motion pro (routed between the fork tubes,
right side of the steering head, then between the carbs)

-          The screw assembly has fresh bearings, grease, and is correctly

-          Barnett plates

-          I recently swapped from Barnett springs to stock springs, with no


There is some notching of the clutch basket fingers.  Is that a possible
culprit?  That doesn't seem right to me, since the clutch feels the same on
/ off / in gear / out of gear


Other ideas?



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