street fairing

Andy Preston andy at
Thu Nov 22 12:43:46 PST 2007

Randy Grein wrote:
> I'm looking for recommendations for a street fairing. My new job is 
> quite a commute, and it gets cold up here in the winter. Looking for 
> affordable, reasonable coverage - almost tempted to put my old 
> windjammer on, but I'd have to be VERY creative and make a mount. 
> Besides, it would look like shit.
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
I've always been tempted to get one of these uppers to 
replace my crashed/repaired fairing. I'm assuming a standard fairing 
stay, race or SVS would work. I also have a pair of round lights that I 
was planning on mounting on the fairing if I ever went this route. The 
stock SVS fairing is really good, much better for my 6'2" fat ass body 
than the Ninja 250 fairing.  Mostly it's shoulders and knees down that 
gets wet in the rain. I also have a set of mismatched sanded and mostly 
primered 1st gen SVS fairing I'd let go for $50, if you're interested.


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