street fairing

Joanna Moss jo at
Thu Nov 22 18:30:09 PST 2007

I use Givi's 760 and ride pretty much year-round in the Pacific 
NorthWet. I think it works well. To me, it looks like a bit much on a 
naked SV, but is worth it for the coverage it provides. I bought it in a 
very reasonable amount of time from California Sport Touring Don't you live in Seattle? Moto 
International on Aurora carries a lot of Givi. They have price lists in 
hand and can order them pretty quickly.

- Joanna

Randy Grein wrote:
> I have a flyscreen, and it's not enough for extended winter riding. I 
> mean it's fine at 50 degrees, but rather cold at 40 and raining. I'd 
> like more coverage. I am familiar with the Givi line and have a request 
> in for a quote (looking at the 760) but it takes days to get a response 
> from them. Problem is I have not used any of those, hoping to hear from 
> someone who has, or anyone who knows of other brands so I can compare.

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