hollow rear axle for SV650 (was: GSXR swinger on '03 SV)

John spam at onlineconcepts.com
Sun Nov 25 15:55:50 PST 2007

Steve Brunton wrote:
> Any way to bring the 2nd gen stuff over and use it? I've
> been using the STS stuff on my '05.

Yeah, that's my question too. Can you replace a 1st gen swingarm and 
rear wheel with parts from 2003 on? Are the dimensions the same for 
swingarm length, shock mount points, and the swingarm mount point?

A simple parts swap wouldn't be so bad. I would really like to use this 
system because I always seem to blow out my fork seals after trailering 
the bike to the track. (Yes, I'm getting better at inspecting the fork 

Also, I just noticed that the 1st gen swingarm pivot is hollow. See this 
photo (not my bike).

I wrote to STS Stands and asked if they were willing to make a version 
for the swingarm pivot. The disadvantages are that rear would no longer 
ride along on the suspension, and the stand would have to be slightly 
taller, inviting some more flex. We'll see if they're interested.

In the mean time, does anyone know if the '99 swingarm is a straight 
swap for an '03 or newer?

BTW, Pit Bull just came out with a similar system.

Pit Bull Trailer Restraint $280

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