Air Box Question

Joanna Moss jo at
Tue Oct 2 13:16:08 PDT 2007

Ernest Montague wrote:
> Put the boots on first on the carbs. The top of the boots is flange that 
> fits inside the airbox and that is all that holds the airbox to boots. 
> don't fuck with the clamps, just clamp the boots to the carbs and then 
> PUSH the airbox down on top of the flanges.  The flange will slip 
> partway into the airbox on both carbs, and then use a finger or short 
> screwdriver to slip the flange the rest of the way on from inside the 
> airbox, just stick your hand in and flop the flanges on.

I thought you might say that. I really didn't need to undo that damn 
clamp to begin with. Basically, friction will hold it in place once the 
boots are in the air box (and I can feel that if I reach in the air box).

> Take ten minutes the first time and three then next. i just pulled an 
> airbox that way five times this weekend.

Yea, its seems hit or miss with me. It goes right on, then I realize I 
have to take it off and then it takes 20 minutes to get it back on.


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