where oh where did the oil go?

John spam at onlineconcepts.com
Tue Oct 2 16:12:15 PDT 2007

Jo Rhett wrote:
> So before I left for Infineon I had 2/3rds full showing in the window.
> 4 15min practices on Friday. 1 practice, 2 races on Sunday.  That's
> not a lot of time.
> Oil is quite a bit below the window. [...]

My stock '99 SV will start out on Saturday with oil at the top fill 
line. After two long track days in Florida heat at Jennings GP, the oil 
drops just below the bottom fill line. The motor has 80,000 miles, and 
I'm sure it's blowing by the rings.

'99 SV650
'98 VFR800

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