Steve Brunton sbrunton at
Wed Oct 3 13:00:00 PDT 2007

On 10/3/07, Erik Weber <yoober at> wrote:
> I am planning to go to a full system. I want to build for superbike so
> I am looking for the lightest system, which I assume is the "deluxe"
> M4 full system.

I think the Hindle is lighter than the M4, but doesn't make as much
power.  Although it's also way cheaper than the M4.

> My bike has standard first gen S gearing. Pulls great once you get
> rolling but not so great out of slower turns.

Erik, I can give you all the ratios you need for the Southeast region
tracks. They are written down on a piece of paper in the top of my

> So, what should I do with jetting to get a little better midrange
> without sacrificing top end? Or what's a good baseline jetting for M4
> full system with stock airbox and filter?

If you are going superbike just put some flatslides on it.


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