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Wed Oct 3 13:16:55 PDT 2007

On 10/3/07, Steve Brunton <sbrunton at> wrote:
> On 10/3/07, Erik Weber <yoober at> wrote:
> >
> > I am planning to go to a full system. I want to build for superbike so
> > I am looking for the lightest system, which I assume is the "deluxe"
> > M4 full system.
> >
> I think the Hindle is lighter than the M4, but doesn't make as much
> power.  Although it's also way cheaper than the M4.

Hmm OK. I thought the newer M4 would be pretty light where all parts
are titanium (except for the carbon fiber parts if you get that
option). It would be cool to get exact weights. I assume baseline
jettings would be about the same though?

> > My bike has standard first gen S gearing. Pulls great once you get
> > rolling but not so great out of slower turns.
> >
> Erik, I can give you all the ratios you need for the Southeast region
> tracks. They are written down on a piece of paper in the top of my
> toolbox.

Hell yeah, I'll take them! But for some reason I thought you just ran
stock gearing.

> > So, what should I do with jetting to get a little better midrange
> > without sacrificing top end? Or what's a good baseline jetting for M4
> > full system with stock airbox and filter?
> >
> If you are going superbike just put some flatslides on it.

Well I am going one step at a time. :) But thanks for that advice. My
main goal is to see how light I can make the bike, but if I still have
money I'll go for power too.

I figure for now I can just change the pipe and jetting and still run
superstock until I change the subframe. Obviously right now I just
need more track time than anything else.

You coming to Barber this weekend?

> -steve

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