where oh where did the oil go?

Joanna Moss jo at fapg.net
Thu Oct 4 18:30:14 PDT 2007

I live and commute in Seattle too. I don't weigh much. I think stock 
suspension is set up for small people like me. I have no problems with 
it. I am not commenting on age and whose spoiled because it is all 
relative. :-)

- Joanna

Randy Grein wrote:
> Live and commute in Seattle where top speed is a fantasy. The suspension 
> could be improved, but you youngsters are just spoiled.
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
> On Oct 3, 2007, at 7:53 PM, Konneker, Tristan R wrote:
>> Ohhhh... who the hell would want an SV for the street??? I broke my
>> first one in on the street for 500 miles... HATED it! It'd be a
>> different story after getting good suspension on it and buying a house
>> in the mountains. The FZ1 has spoiled me...

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