Safe water level for freezing overnight?

KC kc at
Fri Oct 5 15:50:51 PDT 2007

Drain it out for sure 
If you drain it out at the water pump you should be good. That's the lowest
point on the bikes cooling system. Fill it with some warn water in the
morning. If there is any ice that will help get rid of it. Ice through water
pump can cause problem.
Man Dave I admirer your dedication. Be sure you are wearing your ski gloves
and long johns....:-) 

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Feh.  I have to tow the bike through freezing weather in a few hours, 
and it will get down to about 30F at the track at least the next 
two nights, where the bike will be outside overnight (under a canopy). 
Do I have to get every last drop of water out?  Or is opening the radiator 
cap and pulling the drain on the water pump going to be good enough?

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