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Brian Bonner indy1992 at
Mon Oct 8 06:48:29 PDT 2007

Hi guys, I'm new to the list since I'm new to SV's but I've been impressed with the knowledge here and now I'd like to tap into it if I could.
Yesterday was my first time out on my '01 SV racebike (been roadracing five years on GSXR's and R6 and a Duc). I bought it as a salvage title naked and built it into a racebike over the summer. It has a BMC race filter, full Yosh pipe, and an Ivan's jet kit (can't remember exactly which jets at the moment, that's written down in my toolbox). The problem is that it runs fine when not under a load sitting in the pits but once out on the track it runs like crap. It won't pull, it stutters, and feels like it may be cutting out a cylinder off and on. 
I did ride one lap of wet morning practice where it exhibited a little of this problem but it ran fine after that sitting in the pits. I did check the drain hole for the front cylinder and it was clear. It ran fine on the pre-grid but as soon as we started the warm up lap I knew I was in trouble. I ran about four laps and called it a day since it wasn't getting any better and I was a moving roadblock on the straights.
Anything jump to mind about these symptoms? Thanks very much in advance.
Brian Bonner
LRRS #97

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