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Something I have only seen, but only once was a bad solder connection on
the Ignition pickup. It's located behind the stator cover.


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> In addition to the ignition wires and plugs, which are the first 
> thingsto check, you may also want to look at the choke plungers. 
> Sometimesthey get gummed up and stick open on one or both carbs.
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> Ilya
> Brian Bonner wrote:
> > Hi guys, I'm new to the list since I'm new to SV's but I've been 
> impressed with the knowledge here and now I'd like to tap into it 
> if I could.
> > Yesterday was my first time out on my '01 SV racebike (been 
> roadracing five years on GSXR's and R6 and a Duc). I bought it as a 
> salvage title naked and built it into a racebike over the summer. 
> It has a BMC race filter, full Yosh pipe, and an Ivan's jet kit 
> (can't remember exactly which jets at the moment, that's written 
> down in my toolbox). The problem is that it runs fine when not 
> under a load sitting in the pits but once out on the track it runs 
> like crap. It won't pull, it stutters, and feels like it may be 
> cutting out a cylinder off and on. 
> > I did ride one lap of wet morning practice where it exhibited a 
> little of this problem but it ran fine after that sitting in the 
> pits. I did check the drain hole for the front cylinder and it was 
> clear. It ran fine on the pre-grid but as soon as we started the 
> warm up lap I knew I was in trouble. I ran about four laps and 
> called it a day since it wasn't getting any better and I was a 
> moving roadblock on the straights.
> > Anything jump to mind about these symptoms? Thanks very much in 
> advance.>  
> > Brian Bonner
> > LRRS #97
> >   

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