SV Won't Start

Randy Grein randygrein at
Tue Oct 9 21:57:20 PDT 2007

Could be the starter. Could be it was bumped in the crash and it's  
too misaligned to engage. More likely is there's a connection problem  
in the relay if you can hear it click but it doesn't turn over. Get a  
spare solenoid and test.
Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Oct 9, 2007, at 9:46 PM, Joanna Moss wrote:

> I got the SV back together from crashing three weeks ago. The oil  
> leak just turned out to be oil from the breather. I thought  
> everything else was minor. However, now it won't start. It had no  
> trouble before the crash. I hit the start button and I hear the  
> solenoid click, but nothing beyond that. Connectivity to the  
> starter relay is good. When I short the relay, the bike still does  
> not start. There is also good connectivity to the starter motor.  
> According to the service manual, that there must be something wrong  
> with the starter motor. I am wondering how I can tell if this is  
> the problem without taking the starter motor apart.
> Anyone have any other ideas what could be going on here?
> - Joanna

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