Race skinz options

iangillies at alamedanet.net iangillies at alamedanet.net
Wed Oct 10 13:08:07 PDT 2007

Anyone know if there's a variety of race bodywork styles that fits a 1st
gen SV without too much trimming/cutting? - GSXR, Buell, Ducati, etc.?  I
need to get a new set and I'm not exactly inspired by the SV specific
style most manufactures offer and wouldn't mind trying out a new look. 
Bonus points if you have links to photos.

Also, I'm thinking of giving CobraSkinz a shot.  I've read some positive
reviews online and for $330 it's hard to pass up.  Anyone heard of this

Seems a lot of new players have sprung up recently offering bodywork in
the mid $300 range.  I do like Sharkskinz, but at $800+ for a set it's
hard to justify quality vs. value.

AFM #308

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