inst cluster lights

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Sun Oct 14 23:33:29 PDT 2007

Thanks for the feedback. 

Maybe the 7th set was saved for the s-model or for the tiny LED oil lamp on the lower right hand side of the speedo? I'll take a second look and see if there is a second tach light hidden under stuff.

By the way, is that little oil light mentioned earlier an oil temp light or an oil level indicator. Just curious because it certainly didn't come on before my dumb ass blew the Engine a few months back due to low oil


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The S-model has an oil lamp.  Red when you first turn the bike on.    
There's also an overheat lamp, which by reputation tells you that  
you've cooked your motor just after it's too late to save it.  On the  
s-model at least the turn signal light is a single light for both  
left and right.  So at least on s-model the list would be

1. turn indicator
2- oil indicator
3- low gas indicator
4- neutral indicator
5- overheat indicator
6- tach illumination
7- speedo illumination

On Oct 12, 2007, at 10:14 PM, David kerr wrote:
> I have a '99 sv650x and the speedo and tach illumination lamps  
> inside the cluster are blown. They have 12v 1.7w printed on them  
> and A12v 1.7w.
> Are these available at a Kragen auto parts type store or do i need  
> to get them from a motorcycle vendor?
> Also, the service manual shows 7 lamps but I'll be damned if i can  
> find the seventh.
> 1-R. turn indicator
> 2- L. turn indicator
> 3- low gas indicator
> 4-nuetral indicator
> 5-tach illumination
> 6-speedo illumination
> 7- ???(s model only?)
> Thanks,
> David
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