Architeuthis dux rg-sv650 at v0.net
Mon Oct 22 02:14:04 PDT 2007

I was struggling at Buttonwillow this weekend, and my times really 
sucked.  Admittedly, I'm having some major lean-angle jitters from my 
lowside at Sears, but still.

Anyone care to edjumicate me with a turn-by-turn description of how you 
handled things?

Reading Jo's description of railing into the Mazda turn at 110mph blows 
my mind.  According to my VR2's tracklog, I peaked at 92mph through the 
esses, and then backed wayyyy off before the turn.

I had a lot of problems figuring out Bus Stop, kept getting psyched out 
by looking in the wrong places. Never really figured out the entry.  I 
finally started getting comfortable with Cotton Corners once I realized 
I could avoid some suspension wibbling by taking a wider line for the 
second corner.  I did Off-Ramp nicely once by accident, but never 
duplicated it.  I think I'm turning in too late for the first half and 
too soon for the second half.

This was my first time riding at Buttonwillow, can't say I really cared 
for it that much.  :-(


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