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Mon Oct 22 11:20:28 PDT 2007

On Oct 22, 2007, at 2:14 AM, Architeuthis dux wrote:
> Reading Jo's description of railing into the Mazda turn at 110mph  
> blows my mind.  According to my VR2's tracklog, I peaked at 92mph  
> through the esses, and then backed wayyyy off before the turn.

Yeah, so was everyone else too.  The only people I saw taking that  
turn at reasonable speeds was Ken Hill, Luke Wilson, Haley?, Frost  
and myself.  (others may have but not in front of me when I was  
giving chase) I think Jon Foreman was good for it, but everytime we  
came in together it was 5 or 6 wide so he backed off early and made  
it up in Riverside.

FYI: for clarification "into the Mazda turn" was the long sweeping  
left hander, not the tight 3rd-gear turn onto the back straight,  
which is the Mazda Gap itself.

> I had a lot of problems figuring out Bus Stop, kept getting psyched  
> out by looking in the wrong places.

Just late apex everything in the bus stop.  Later than god.  Coming  
in shallow is always bumpy so it's a good reminder that you should  
have turned in later.  (during the race you might need those tight  
entries, but it's not faster)  You can carry a lot more speed than  
you would think through that area.  If I downshifted into 3rd for the  
bus stop, I'd hit the rev limiter hard coming out of the bus stop.  
Scared the crap out of myself a few times that way.  It's high 4th  
gear all the way into the grapevine. (15/46 gearing)

> Never really figured out the entry.  I finally started getting  
> comfortable with Cotton Corners once I realized I could avoid some  
> suspension wibbling by taking a wider line for the second corner.   
> I did Off-Ramp nicely once by accident, but never duplicated it.  I  
> think I'm turning in too late for the first half and too soon for  
> the second half.

Sounds about right.  I dunno the turns as you've named them so I'm  
guessing, but the first turn after the wheelie bump you can go really  
tight (good passing area) because it doesn't hurt to go wide entering  
the grapevine.  However, if someone goes tight through there you can  
go wide and then tight into the grapevine.  That was going to be a  
lot of fun dicing during the races.

Note: I felt fast and I did a lot of passing during practice, but I  
was only doing 2:08s so keep that in mind.  Stock engine really  
suffered on the back straight against Zoran's busa-piston rockets.  I  
was also never able to keep the throttle at full lock all the way  
through Riverside, it kept floating down a bit no matter how much I  
wanted to keep it open.  Brain-fade.

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