off the bikes for 2 months at least

Donlon McGovern mcgovern at
Mon Oct 22 13:51:50 PDT 2007

From: "Jo Rhett"

 Thanks for the good wishes.  Unfortunately, while I am quite immature
 I'm not so young.
I was judging by the picture on your crash report and by the fact that I'm 
hitting 71 on Halloween and I hope to carry my immaturity to my dying 
breath. I had my nasty crash back in 04 and it was a long time before I got 
back on a I ride a "sedate" DL650. I have to stand on the pegs now 
to get my leg over the saddle and I still walk with a noticeable gimp. The 
damn steel spike in my left femur talks to me when it gets cold and damp 
here in Portland....and it's cold and damp here from October to July...
So, keep on riding but retire in a warm climate ;^)

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