off the bikes for 2 months at least

Randy Grein randygrein at
Mon Oct 22 18:19:09 PDT 2007

My wife virtually kicked me out of the house once and said 'don't  
come back until you race!' OK, she didn't actually kick me out but  
threatened to until I gave in. (What a role reversal!) Really, it's  
only as dangerous as you make it - risk a little, risk a lot, it's  
largely up to you.

Of course, the age thing is hilarious, I get it a bit at the track  
but REALLY get it at the gym. Try explaining veterans wrestling, or  
that the guy you work out with just came home with another world  
championship - at 56.

Growing old sucks. Not growing old is worse. Worst of all is sitting  
around waiting for it, which damned few people on this list do.

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Oct 22, 2007, at 3:33 PM, Donlon McGovern wrote:

> From: "Jo Rhett"
>  Yeah, growing old sucks.
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> Only if you quit riding Jo, only if you quit riding. I moped around  
> for two years and whimpered whenever someone rode by before my wife  
> said "I think you need a new bike". When I asked her what changed  
> her mind about me riding again she said she'd been thinking about  
> quality of life issues and that it struck her that the quality of  
> my life was better when I was riding...I had to agree.
> don mcg

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