: Another tech question

Wade Bartlett wade.bartlett at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 07:49:02 PDT 2007

Margie wrote:
> Changed the rear sproket and now the speedo is 10mph too fast.  Is there 
> any way to adjust?

It's only 10mph at one particular speed. It's really a percentage 
change, giving higher mph differences as the speed increases.  Said 
another way, the slower you go the closer the readout is to reality. 
Lately, I've just gotten used to thinking my way through an 11% error in 
my speedo (indicated 70mph = 62 or so, etc). There's no good fix that I 
have ever heard of.  With one bike, I painted new speed-lines on the 
glass face at 35, 45, 55, 65. I never got ambitious enough to open the 
face up and make a new dial face, but that would work, too.  Don't 
forget your odometer is now reflecting the change, too (if your speedo 
reads higher than true, the odometer will, too). Good luck. Peace. -W

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