: Another tech question

Margie gcarper1 at charter.net
Sun Oct 28 15:30:15 PDT 2007

>>>> Margie wrote:
>>>>> Changed the rear sprocket and now the speedo is 10mph too fast.  Is 
>>>>> there any way to adjust?
>>>> zoran wrote:
>>> sprocket size has nothing to do with speedo reading on sv.
>> Zoran is, of course, correct. My streetbike's speedo error is due to a 
>> change in the speedo-drive at the front wheel (long story), and not due 
>> to sprocket changes.  I need more coffee before replying to emails on 
>> weekends, obviously. Margie: how did you determine you were showing 10mph 
>> too high? And this changed at the time you swapped sprockets? Did you 
>> make any other changes at the same time?  -W

>I checked it using a Garmin GPS  660 

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