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> Maybe I understand now - so you checked speed at a given RPM, then 
> changed gearing and it's now going 10 mph faster at that RPM? That  would 
> be perfectly normal, but the reading on the speedo itself  should still be 
> correct.
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
>>>>>The sproket was changed from 41 teeth to 44 teeth.  Before the change 
>>>>>when the speedo was showing say 60mph the speed by GPS was 55mph, a 
>>>>>difference of  5mph. After changing out the sproket, now the speedo 
>>>>>will show 60mph and the GPS shows 50mph.  The 5mph difference I could 
>>>>>live with--gave a little leeway to stave off the cops.  But 10mph is 
>>>>>too much, but I may have to live with that also.  Just trying to find a 
>>>>>way to bring the 2 units [speedo and GPS] closer to agreeing. Put the 
>>>>>question out on the Strom troopers forum and one member directed me to 
>>>>>a site that sells units to splice in the harness to adjust the speedo. 
>>>>>Kinda pricey though, but may have to do it.  By the way, I've been 
>>>>>using my wife's PC that's why you're getting "Margie wrote".

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