: Another tech question

Kerry Driskell kdsv at suddenlink.net
Mon Oct 29 07:02:56 PDT 2007

  I'm not saying that's her only problem, but all speedometers are off. As
far as how accurate GPS's are,I have no way of knowing for sure .For the
common street rider, it is probably the best you will find. Unless you get a
policeman to clock you. The temperature also comes into play. She just needs
to understand it is not just her problem, we all have it. Ten seems to be a
bit much though, but not unheard of.

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Kerry, are you saying that all GPS devices have the same high  
accuracy? It should be obvious that tire size (governed by all things  
you mentioned) has a direct effect on speedo reading, but we're  
talking about a 20% change in reading with no (as far as we know)  
changes in the front. Seems like there's more to the story, but  
nothing else comes to mind.

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