Joanna Moss jo at
Mon Oct 29 16:06:06 PDT 2007

I have a 2000 SV650. Am I reading the shop manual correctly? I measure 
the float height with the carb dry. Basically, with the float resting in 
place with no external pressure on it, the measurement from the highest 
point of the float to the top edge of the carb body should be 7.0 +/- 
0.5mm. This is very different from the last set of carbs I was in.

If I am measuring correctly, then the float level is just fine. Anyone 
have any other ideas as to why, when I run the bike, gas comes out of my 
carb air vent hose? I have already tested that the float does float. I 
was switching carb assemblies, so these carbs have not been run in over 
a year. I took them apart and cleaned them with carb cleaner before 
installing them.

- Joanna

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