Brake Upgrades

David and Sumudini Guyer guyer.hq at
Wed Oct 31 20:03:19 PDT 2007

I have the '02 SV650S.  I think I'd like to find out some ideas of how to
upgrade the front brakes so that I get more feel and control, and perhaps

I've started to get to the point that I realize the transition from strong
braking to trail or no brakes as you tip over into a turn is fairly critical
and important to your cornering speed.  Feel of the brakes goes a long way
to keeping you from just unloading the brake giving you that "going away"

So, other than stainless steel brake lines, which I have already, are there
ways to upgrade the feel and/or power of the brakes... would a new lever do
it, or a new "radial" master cylinder... could I get and bolt on GSXR600
calipers...  how do you guys do it, if at all???

Thanks in advance :-)

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