Brake Upgrades

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I believe he more unhappy with usual stock master switch on/off problem than 
just power.
good master cylinder and pads solve this problem.

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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> Get a tennis ball. Squeeze it a million times. (grin)
> Seriously, I'm old school and the brakes are so much better than what  we 
> had 20 years ago it's not funny. I get 2 finger brakies with  little 
> effort on the stock setup, but everyone wants more. There are  a few 
> things you can do:
> Move the MC inboard. Seriously, this is a cheap, free upgrade. As you 
> move your finger contact towards the end of the lever you can  increase 
> leverage by 30-50% over where most people grab.
> Make sure the brakes are bled, retract OK, etc. The wheel should spin 
> freely 2-4 revolutions from a single good, strong hand flick. If  you've 
> ever dumped brake fluid on the rotors or calipers use brake  cleaner to 
> clean the rotors and replace the pads.
> If you're still having trouble with lever travel you may need to seat  the 
> calipers properly. With the bike on front and rear stands loosen  the 
> caliper bolts, spin the tire and tap the brake lever a few times.  Hold it 
> while tightening the calipers back up. This seems to allow  the brakes to 
> float to the optimum alignment with the rotors, and has  always solved 
> excessive lever travel for me.
> Replace the pads with ones that have a higher CF (coefficient of 
> friction). I would suggest the EBC kit pads, but those are only for 
> racing. I think Galfer or Ferodo have something for you, but you will 
> have to compare the CF, don't just buy pads assuming.
> If that's still not enough you can replace the whole front end. A  common 
> enough swap, this will give you bigger rotors and calipers.  GSXR 600 is a 
> common upgrade, but you will need to get replacement  bearings.
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
> On Oct 31, 2007, at 8:03 PM, David and Sumudini Guyer wrote:
>> I have the '02 SV650S.  I think I'd like to find out some ideas of  how 
>> to
>> upgrade the front brakes so that I get more feel and control, and 
>> perhaps
>> power.
>> I've started to get to the point that I realize the transition from 
>> strong
>> braking to trail or no brakes as you tip over into a turn is fairly 
>> critical
>> and important to your cornering speed.  Feel of the brakes goes a  long 
>> way
>> to keeping you from just unloading the brake giving you that "going 
>> away"
>> feeling.
>> So, other than stainless steel brake lines, which I have already,  are 
>> there
>> ways to upgrade the feel and/or power of the brakes... would a new  lever 
>> do
>> it, or a new "radial" master cylinder... could I get and bolt on  GSXR600
>> calipers...  how do you guys do it, if at all???
>> Thanks in advance :-)
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