Fuel Capacity

Doug Pippin d_pippin_89 at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 7 13:30:00 PDT 2007


I have a 2005 SV650S and wanted to know what my fuel range is.
So I put some gas in a tight container in the tank bag and rode it 
until the light started blinking then watched for the solid light 
then ran it out of gas.
I repeated this twice and here's the results.
Your mileage might be different depending on how you ride.
I ride the bike more aggressively than some. I can tell this by tire 
mileage that others report.
I have yet to reach 2,500 miles on a rear tire and the max on a front is 4,000.

Starting with a full tank of fuel
133 miles (light starts blinking)
20 more miles (blinking light changes to solid)
15 more miles (with light on solid) bike runs out of gas.

This is with average riding. With aggressive riding I'll get less.
So I figure my range is in the 160 mile range unless I'm cranking on it.

hope this helps

Doug in NC

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>Does anyone know how much fuel is in the reserve when the fuel light 
>starts blinking and then when it stays on solid? I recently acquired 
>a longer commute to work and would like to know when "get off the 
>freeway now" is or if it can wait until I get to my neighborhood. I 
>cannot find this info in the user or service manuals. It's a 2000 if 
>that makes a difference.TIA.
>- Joanna

Doug Pippin


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