Fuel Capacity

Jo Rhett jorhett at fastlizardracing.com
Fri Sep 7 14:35:03 PDT 2007

Hey, Ernie -- a whole hour would mean 4 tanks for the 4-hour, right?

So if he needs "2+ tanks" then likely the tank will last more than "a  
whole hour" right?

On Sep 7, 2007, at 11:56 AM, Ernest Montague wrote:
> Ask Zoran.  However, the answer is NO WAY,
> You get 19-22 mpg at race pace or so.  A four hour will take two  
> plus tanks.
> On Sep 7, 2007, at 11:48 AM, Will Toft wrote:
>> Since we're on the topic, does anyone know if a Gen 2
>> will run for a whole hour on a single (stock) tank at

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