Trailtech Vapor: $160 option for tach, temp, fuel

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Tue Sep 11 15:55:17 PDT 2007

A hot topic here is "cheapest replacement tach", well I might have  
found one.

Trailtech vapor kits are much like MyChron without the transponder,  
and sell for $119.

This has a 6mm screw-in sensor that should mount right up to the  
stock hole in radiator.
(I'm going to confirm tonight, they have a 3/4" version too)

If you get the following component to hold the sensor, it has both a  
mounting bracket and 4 standard 12v sensors, for oil, fuel, etc.

So I'm going to check some obvious things tonight, and perhaps order  
if I don't find anything wrong.

Jo Rhett /  velociRaptor Racing
#553 WERA West / AFM

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