1st Gen Steering Head issue

Ernest Montague afm199 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 12 22:58:13 PDT 2007

If that steering head bearing was tightened to 30 ft lbs, that is the 
problem.  When it is backed off a half turn it probably will work fine, 
if the shell is not brinelled.

On Sep 12, 2007, at 10:29 PM, Robert Clifford wrote:

> If the triple tree is properly tighten, and the races aren't grooved 
> or dented, check to see if the races are loose in the frame.
> On a badly crashed FZR400 frame we brought in to GPFrameAndWheel, 
> Gerry pointed out the slightly egged out neck. You could rock the 
> races back and forth.
> I believe he said some frames are more susceptible than others. Don't 
> know if this is true with the 1st gen.
> Robert
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> Subject: 1st Gen Steering Head issue
>> I crashed the hell out of my SV lowsiding in turn 10 at Summit Point 
>> back in July - the forks & lower triple were bent/twisted.  I bought 
>> a whole new front end off a lister here (Thanks Randy!) and finally 
>> got everything back together this weekend.  The problem I am having 
>> is that when test riding the bike (at 20 mph) when I brake - there is 
>> a noticable CLICK from the steering head and it feels like the 
>> steering head moves.  (It's not the first gen THUNK - I know all 
>> about that one)  This really seems like things are not tightened down 
>> properly or seated properly.  I tore the whole thing apart, and put 
>> it back together again, cinched everything as tight as I can - exact 
>> same issue.  Also - I do not have the Suzuki $85 steering head nut 
>> tool and I am using visegrips to tighten that down - am I just not 
>> getting enought torque in there to seat it all properly?
>>  help!
>>  Thanks
>>  Brian

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